Shade Cloth Materials

We also use a number of shade cloth materials:

Heavy commercial 95uv Shade Cloth

Synthesis architectural shade fabrics are designed as strong and stable out-door fabrics for use in tension structures and shade sail applications. All Synthesis architectural fabrics offer the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability to ensure maintenance free long-life performance. Synthesis architectural shade fabrics are 100% lead and phthalate free and the first architectural shade cloth in the world to be granted OEKO-TEX100 and Greengardcertication

Rainbow extreme 32 Shade Cloth

eXtreme 32 is a heavy duty 320 GSM commercial shade cloth fabric which consistently delivers enduring strength, lasting durability and excellent shade protection characteristics. (*up to 95.8% UV-R Protection.) With exceptional strength and protection, eXtreme 3, 2 is made from the highest quality UV stabilised shade cloth and features a high burst strength specification. eXtreme 32 is designed and engineered for the full spectrum of shade applications from the largest commercial and architectural projects through to domestic installations. This shade cloth fabric is ideal for commercial shade sails & structures, large car parks, public pools, kindergartens & schools

GALE Commercial Heavy 430

The key benefits of Commercial Heavy 430 are:

  • Better retention of physical properties, design shape and structural reliability over time.
  • Optimal UVR block and shade factor throughout the life of the shade cloth, providing a UVR block of up to 94 percent.
  • Patented intertwining knit pattern results in more efficient fabrication and less maintenance once installed.
  • Engineered in Australia and produced in GALE Pacific’s Ningbo manufacturing plant.
  • Full 15-year warranty.
  • More even distribution of pre-stress loads in warp and weft directions.